Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes, we can sell internationally, including most of our night vision devices.

I am not sure which devices should I purchase

Please read our night vision guide here. If you are still unable to decide, please feel free to contact us via Instagram or email. Our specialists will work with you to determine which product suits you best.

Can I test the night vision before I purchase?

Testing is available in the Auckland area, but due to limited availability, we prioritize bookings for serious buyers. A $700 NZD deposit is required for each device, which is fully refundable in the event of testing or cancellation.

Is night vision legal in New Zealand?

Yes, night vision is legal in New Zealand. Additionally, all of our night vision devices come from legal sources and are provided with a warranty.

Why buy from us?

Many of the finest and most desirable night vision devices are made in the United States and fall under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which prohibits their export to civilians outside the US. However, we are here to help you access ITAR-free goggles at a reasonable price.