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Night Raider

4D Tactical HIVE Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit

4D Tactical HIVE Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit

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The 4D Tactical H.I.V.E Retrofit Pad Kit offers the most technologically advanced suspension systems available. This technology was originally developed for the US SOCOM and other Tier 1 first responders around the globe. The suspension system (padding) is a rate and temperature sensitive material that conforms to the wearer’s unique head shape.

The H.I.V.E Retrofit Pad Kit leverages all of the existing 4DT Retrofit offerings in a completely modular kit. Deluxe 10-pad configurations available in ½”, ¾” and 1" thicknesses.

For hygiene reason, we cannot accept any return for used pads. 

3/4"4D Tactical HIVE Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit includes:

10 x  Triangular pads 3/4"

1/2"4D Tactical HIVE Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit includes:

10 x Triangular pads 1/2"


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Key Features of the 4D Tactical Pad Kits

  • Improved comfort: Padding conforms to wearers individual head geometry,   eliminating hot spots

  • Improved Blunt Impact Protection: 4DT suspension technologies have shown to   provide significantly better blunt impact protection than standard OEM padding

  • Moisture Wicking: Specialized fabric wicks heat and moisture away from the wearer,   creating a natural cooling effect

  • Easy Retrofit: Remove padding and install pads using existing OEM Velcro discs
  • Compatible with ACH, MICH, LWH, Crye Precision, Ops-Core, MTEK, Revision, Gentex, BAE, United Shield, and others
  • Completely Modular: Split crown accommodates over the head comm gear
  • Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C 2533a) Compliant

  • Machine Washable, they are sewed instead of glued like other pads (Except machine dryer)


For 4D Tactical HIVE Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit sizes: 3/4" will fit the head shape of most people, even with Night Vision and all the equipment on the helmet. There will not be any hot spot. Some people think that 1" is more comfortable for night vision due to thicker pads, but it is not. Most of them end up replacing with 3/4". 1" is suitable for people with small head circumferences, usually female. while 1/2" is recommended for those with larger heads."

For 4D Tactical Retrofit Deluxe Pad Kit it only comes in one sizes. However, it Included extra 3/4" and 1" allow for fine adjustment.

For 4D Tactical Ops-Core Deluxe Lux
Liner Kit
it also comes in only one sizes. It comes with thinner 1/2" pads to continue from the EPP Foam.

Differences between pads

The Deluxe Hive Pad and Deluxe Pad offer the same comfort and compatibility. Just different configuration. Both can be used on most helmets, including Team Wendy/ACH/, MICH, LWH, Crye Precision, MTEK, Revision, Gentex, BAE, United Shield, and others. Both systems can also be used on the Ops-Core OCC Dial Fit-Band Suspension system; however, the EPP foam must be removed."

4D Tactical Ops Core Deluxe Lux Liner Kit is designed to be used with the original Ops-core OCC Dial Fit-Band Suspension system. Only compatible with Ops-core. It replaces the stock pads and is installed directly on the EPP foam. Therefore, these pads comes in 1/4" which are thinner than the other configuration.