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1431 MKII

1431 MKII

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Argus 1431 MKII Binocular


The pre-order period lasts for 2-4 weeks


6 Month Warranty for the housing and the Image intensifier

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Power: AA onboard

Runtime: 20+ hours

Mount Style: Dovetail

Submersion and Dust Rating: No official rating but around IP67 when properly sealed

Weight: 601g with battery /Carson lenses

IR illuminator: Yes

IPD stop: Yes

Fischer port for external battery pack: Yes

Action position


Both pods can be individually rotated to the side when not in use, or for a quick transition into a highlighted area. Alternatively, one pod can be rotated to use as a monocular.

Weight Reduction

To reduce the weight on your neck, you can rotate the pod backward to bring the center of gravity closer to the center of the helmet, based on the principle of leverage. Less force will be applied to your neck, making you feel lighter. Rotating backward also lowers the profile of the pod and reduces the likelihood of bumping into objects like door frames and trees while turning your head.

infrared red illuminator

The 1431 comes with a built-in infrared red illuminator that can be turned on by double-clicking the power button, allowing you to see in extreme low-light conditions where usable images are no longer generated. A red light indicator will also be turned on simultaneously

Auto shut off

The 1431 has an auto shut-off function to preserve power and protect the night vision when it is in a stowed position past 90 degrees. This means that it will not turn off while you are star gazing, but only when it is pointing past 90 degrees.