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Katana is our ITAR-free binocular system made by Nocturnal Industries that utilizes the legendary PVS-14 lens system and is the lightest binocular on the market!


Pre-order period last 2-4 weeks


-Life time warranty for the housing

-6 months warranty for the Image Intensifier & the optics

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Material: Polymer/Aluminum

Tube type: 18mm MX-10160 style or MX11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed

Power: CR123 onboard

Runtime: 20+ hours

IR illuminator: No

Individual pod shut off when rotated to the side

Submersion and Dust Rating: IP68

Weight: 510g/Optronic/Carson and a CR123 battery

 Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test


Both pods can be individually rotated to the side when not in use, or for a quick transition into a highlighted area. Alternatively, one pod can be rotated to use as a monocular.

Individual Pod shut off

The Katana uses a magnetic switch to allow each pod to be shut off individually when it is being rotated to the side. It is ideal for situations when you need to enter a lit room from a dark area or when someone shines a flashlight on you.