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Norotos Lo-Sto mount (Force over come)

Norotos Lo-Sto mount (Force over come)

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Norotos Lo-Sto mount is one of the most compact mount in the market. Weight only 136gram. And one of the mount that bring the NVG closest to the helmet, it means that less leverage force is put on the user. It is also one of the mount that bring the NVG closest to your eye sockets. As some people have reported that some other mount couldn't bring the NVG close enough to the eye socket. Single-handed easy operating tactile differentials further heighten comfort enriching safety while maintaining custom-fit adaptability, including Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft levers. The mount can also be converted back to old bayonet style mount with additional accessories. 


1 year warranty for this products.

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Break away feature

The Lo-Sto mount allows users to set it in either breakaway or locked mode, depending on operational needs, with adjustable tension release. When the breakaway feature is toggled, the mount will detach from the helmet shroud upon impact with objects such as trees or door frames. Offering protection for the user's neck.