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PVS-14 made by Optronic Engineering

The package includes: Bayonet style J arm, Demist Shield, Sacrificial lens, Cords, Carrying bag, AA battery, Manual

***The bayonet J arm is not compatible with our G69 Mount


The pre-order period lasts for 2-4 weeks


-6 months warranty for the Image Intensifier and the housing

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Power: AA onboard

Runtime: 40+ hours

Mount Style: J arm

Weight: 350g

IR illuminator: Yes

Light overload sensor: Yes

Action position

Can swing left or right with the tier none J arm

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Quick disengagement

The Pvs-14 can be stowed up when not in use. And can be quicky swung back down with paired with Sotac G69

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infrared red illuminator & light overload sensor

The PVS-14 come with a built in Infrared red illuminator that can be turned on by rotating the switch. Allow you to see in extreme low light condition where useable image are no longer generated. A red light indicator will also be turned on simultaneously.

The light overload sensor is next to the IR illuminator. It detects how bright the ambient light is. When too bright the right light indicator will flash and power will be cutted off to protect the night vision.