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PVS14- Tanto

PVS14- Tanto

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This is an upgraded version of the PVS-14 that utilizes its optics but features a modern, lighter, and more ergonomic body. It is manufactured by Nocturnal Industries.


The pre-order period last 2-4 weeks


-Life time warranty for the housing

-6 months warranty for the Image Intensifier & the optics

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Tube type: 18mm MX-10160 style or MX11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed

Power: CR123 onboard

Runtime: 20+ hours

Mount Style: PVS-14 J-arm style

Submersion and Dust Rating: IP68

Weight: 248g/standard/Carson and a CR123 battery

 Exceeds MIL-STD-810G drop test


The innovative design of the Tanto allows for the weight of a monocular to be reduced to 248g, compared to a classic AN/PVS14 that weighs 351g. This results in a total weight reduction of 30%, and the Tanto is also less bulky.

It is ideal for people who desire binoculars but are on a budget, as they can pair another Tanto later on to create a binocular system. When paired with a Daisho bridge, they can transform into an articulating binocular system that weighs around 500g. Which will be available later this year.

In comparison, two PVS-14s plus the bridge will weigh around 700g, which is heavy compared to any dedicated binocular system. The PVS-31A weighs 450g, and the PVS-31D weighs 500g.

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The Tanto is able to swing left or right with our J arm

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Tanto stowed up with our G69

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