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Night Raider

SomoGear PEQ-15 (UHP) FULL POWER Version

SomoGear PEQ-15 (UHP) FULL POWER Version

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SomoGear UHP is a high quality reproduction of the ATPIAL LA-5C. Which is a ultimate high power version of the PEQ15. 


IR illuminator + Visible laser + IR laser 

Package Include:

1 x Allen key set
1 x PEQ-15 Aiming Laser Device
1 x Crane Switch (pressure switch) Compatible on M-Lok & Picatinny Rail
1 x Tan Label
1 x Black Label




180 Days Warranty for this item

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IR Illuminator

IR illuminator max beam range: ∠5.35° (at 30m distance, the max flood beam diameter is Ø2.8m)

IR illuminator Pulse Rate programmable

Focusable & adjustable IR illuminator

Rotating IR illuminator Focus Ring 288° degrees from spot to flood

Visible & IR Lasers

Zeroable aiming laser (When mounting on the rail, don’t over torquing the mount screw, or else it may losing zero)

Co-aligned VIS & IR aiming lasers (at 30 meters distance they are less than 10cm apart)


Durable polyamide material + Floating Fiber

Compatible with prototype crane mil-spec plug

Prototype hand feeling mode selector