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Infiray PFalcon-640

Infiray PFalcon-640

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Package including:

1x PFalcon640

2x Allan keys

1x cables

1x battery charger (Li-po)

1x USB Plug & mini USB cable

1x mini real mount

1x helmet mount

1x rifle mount

1x soft bag

1x lens cloth 



3 Years Warranty

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The Pfalcon 640 is one of the most versatile thermals on the market. Manufactored by Inifiray. It is also known as RH25 in the US whilst Pfalcon is the international version.

Most thermals are designed to be mounted on guns or handheld. Thermal scopes are usually too heavy and bulky to be helmet-mounted or handheld, and the handheld or helmet-mounted ones are not recoil-rated or properly collimated for mounting purposes.

The Pfalcon is a 4-in-1 thermal device, which means it can be used handheld, helmet-mounted, as a clip-on for day scopes, and as a thermal sight. It weighs only 355 grams and is as big as a night vision monocular, making it small enough to carry in your jeans pocket. Thanks to its 640 core, even though it is small and light, the image quality is amazingly clear. It can easily out perform many thermals scope twice or three times of its sizes


Pfalcon640 weight only 355g, small and compact. It is small enough that you can fit it your jeans pocket or jackets. It only takes a few sec for you to grab it from a pocket or to put it back. The weight also makes it an ideal handheld thermal.

Helmet mounted

The package included a helmet mount system that allow you to mount on regular night vision bracket. With some off-market mount, it is possible to pair with a night vision monocular.

Mounting options

Direct Aim

Pfalcon640 is designed to be mounted on guns for direct aim. A picatinny rail system is included in the package. It can take recoil up to 300 Win/7mm Mag


The Pfalcon is specifically collimated for clip-on use, ensuring no image shift occurs, and it is also recoil-rated. Simply attach it in front of your day scope at night and remove it during the day. You don't need to detach your day scope for night shooting or be concerned about zero shifts."

Support 4 color mode